The Infinity Dreams Award

Hey! So I have been nominated by Loreva over at LA Book Dreamer for this super sweet award! Thank you! I’m sorry it took me so long to get this up.

infinity dreams award

The Rules:

  1. List 11 facts about yourself
  2. Answer the 11 questions set by your nominator
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers.
  4. Create 11 questions for your nominees.

Click more to see my facts and questions.

My Facts:

  1. I am absolutely terrible at keeping in touch with other people. I just get busy. I mean, we’re all adults here. If your days aren’t filled with crazy, I envy you! However, if you need me, I’m there. No questions asked.
  2. I am unashamed to admit that I love Hinder. If you have no clue who they are, go here. I love this song, definitely one of my favorites by them.
  3. I went through a goth phase when I was 13, up til I was 17. Yep. Unfortunately, it lasted that long. And yes, there are pictures. Buried. Haha.
  4. That phase also earned me an unfortunate nickname when I was 15 that I will not repeat. I gained the terrible nickname because I wore wayyy too much makeup. Namely, black eye liner.
  5. Today, I hardly wear any make up. Unless something special is going down. Lol!
  6. In my entire life, I have been on two cruises. One out of Miami, FL and the other out of Seattle, WA. The first one was when I was 12, we went to Belieze, Honduras, and the Cayman Islands. The second one, we went to Alaska and Victoria, Canada.
  7. I am an unapologetic fangirl for Fall Out Boy. Here ya go. You’ll thank me later.
  8. I am seriously obsessed with Candy Cane Chapstick.
  9. Scott Foley is super hot. *I know. This has nothing to do with me. It is merely a fact. 😉

Haha, this time, I got sooo close! I’m going to count this as a win!

My Questions:

  1. Which book sparked your interest in Reading?
    1. I honestly can’t remember a specific one…
  2. What TV show are you currently watching?
    1. Ahh! There are so many! Covert Affairs, Drop Dead Diva, Scandal, Criminal Minds, How To Get Away With Murder, Suits, Bones, L&O SVU…
  3. What is your favorite type of chocolate?
    1. Milk Chocolate
  4. Have you ever met a YA author?
    1. Yes! Ellen Hopkins! Love her!
  5. What is your favorite cuisine?
    1. Italian. I love Chicken Alfredo. And let’s not forget about pizza!
  6. How tall are you?
    1. Five feet, four inches
  7. What to love about festivals and traditions?
    1. Everything!
  8. Who is your fictional boyfriend?
    1. I have a few… 😉
  9. What did you read last?
    1. Hmm… This post is going to be scheduled, so at the time I’m drafting it… Where Lemons Bloom. *Edit: Firsts is my last current read.
  10. When was the last time you had a pillow fight?
    1. Oh. Many, many years ago. Sadly.
  11. Would you rather only do tag posts or review posts?
    1. Review posts. The tags are fun, but I would hate it if I couldn’t do review posts. That’s like my blog’s main thing!

My Nominees:


Questions for Nominees:

  1. What’s your favorite color?
  2. Where is one place you would love to travel?
  3. What is your favorite season? Why?
  4. Morning or night?
  5. What’s your favorite candle scent?
  6. Favorite movie?
  7. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received when it comes to blogging?
  8. Why did you start blogging?
  9. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  10. Which book would you pick to reread each year, if you could only chose one?
  11. Android or Apple? Why?

Be sure to link back to me so I can see your answers!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. I’m so jealous you’ve been on a few cruises! I was meant to go on one my senior year of high school for our senior trip. We had it all booked and paid for..and I found out I had to be in Texas for a scholarship competition in the middle of the very same week, so had to drop out. SO BUMMED! It would have been awesome.

    Since I just did this tag not long ago, I’m going to instead answer your questions here in the tags!

    What’s your favorite color?
    –Any and all shades of blue, green, blue-green, and purple! I’m not picky though, I LOOOOVE colors.

    Where is one place you would love to travel?
    –Anywhere that isn’t here! I need to get away for a while. Too bad the husband and I can’t afford to.

    What is your favorite season? Why?
    –Summer! I LOOOOVE the heat, though I could do without the bugs and flying stinging things.

    Morning or night?
    –Depends. I like working mornings, because I can come home early and get things done. But I like nights for the relaxation and sleep.

    What’s your favorite candle scent?
    Uhm. Again, I’m really not picky–I lovelovelove fresh laundry, anything floral, or anything fruity.

    Favorite movie?
    The answer to this question changes a lot. Some of my tops include Practical Magic, Pitch Perfect, The Jerk Theory, and Beauty and the Beast.

    What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received when it comes to blogging?
    I dunno…I’ve never received any blogging advice!

    Why did you start blogging?
    Because I wanted a place to share my obsession with everything bookish! and to meet others who share the same passion.

    What’s your biggest pet peeve?
    People saying “living the dream” or “it’s another day in paradise” when they’re asked how they are. NO. Don’t do this! It’s so annoying, and just…We all know you’re lying out your toes, so stop.

    Which book would you pick to reread each year, if you could only chose one?
    –Uhm. Probably Pride and Prejudice……because I can cheat, there are so many versions/retellings. That totally counts, right?!

    Android or Apple? Why?
    –I don’t really care. I have an Android phone, though, because that’s what I could afford. 😛

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Haha love your answers! 🙂

  2. Congratulations. Here are some of my answers!

    1.) Blue
    2.) Italy
    3.) Fall. The weather isn’t too hot or too cold and the leaves are beautiful!
    4.) Morning
    5.) Vanilla
    6.) Back to the Future
    7.) Blog about what interests you
    8.) Do help myself and others with getting through anxiety
    9.) When in stories or movies, something happens and it ends up being a dream! UGH!
    10.) Nathaniel by John Saul
    11.) Apple. I’ve never used Android and I like my phone.

    I’d love to hear your answers!

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Here are my answers:
      1. Blue 😉
      2. Italy (I’ve always wanted to go, even since I was little)
      3. Spring, because it rains, and I love rain.
      4. I guess it really depends. I’m used to getting a lot done in the morning (to-do list), but I love staying up late at night.
      5. Christmas Cookie. Yankee Candles are amazing!
      6. The Notebook, and The Little Mermaid
      7. Be yourself.
      8. As a hobby, but I loved it so much more than I thought I would.
      9. When people are rude! It drives me insane!
      10. I’m totally not sure on this one. There are so many good ones out there.
      11. Android. I’ve had an iPhone, but I love the Android platform better.

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