The Way Literature Works

I started a new class a couple weeks ago called Literary Theory and Criticism. Man, oh man. It is a tough class to grasp, especially since I am not big on theories or criticism in general. But I’m making it through, and it shall be over soon.

Lit Class


As I started my reading for one of the textbooks (yes there are two textbooks), I hadn’t even finished the first page before I read something so profound…

Now, I have always said that reading gives me an outlet. It gives me an escape. It lets me leave reality, even if it is just for a few short minutes. I can forget my worries, I can forget my world, and I can live somewhere else.

From the second I began to comprehend this quote, I fell in love. It spoke to me. It says everything I ever wanted to say and then some. I don’t think I have ever read such an outstanding quote about literature before.


“Literature works are, in a way, like places we can visit. Some are foreign, mysterious, puzzling; others make us feel right at home. Some call us back again and again; others we feel obliged to experience, knowing they’ll do us good enough though we never quite enjoy them. Inhabiting a literary work, we can see how other people live; we can see, to a certain extent, through other people’s eyes. We can momentarily transcend the boundaries of our lives.”

Page 3-4.

And to think: I got this from a required textbook for my class. Yes, I do apologize for the stickers. It comes with renting textbooks.


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  1. What a great quote!!

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