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Top Ten Debut Authors Who Have Me On My Toes

So this week’s meme is supposed to be about debut authors who have me looking forward to their second novel or whom I loved as much as their first novel. I’m going to change it up a little and do some of both. 😉

1. Toshia Slade — She’s written two books and I loved her second one just as much as I loved her first one.

2. Sarah Lynn Scheerger — Not exactly debut because I read her second novel. But I look forward to her first and more, if she publishes more.

3. Portia Moore — I loved her second as much as the first. And the third and the fourth.

4. Jade West — Her first was absolutely amazing! She kept me on my toes and has published three other books since then. Look forward to reading more of hers.

5. Yessi Smith — Same as Jade. Loved her first one and has published more since then that I have yet to read.

Ahhh, I thought it was going to be more than 5! But I can’t find anymore! Most of the authors I have read, it’s more like they’ve published books and I caught on later, or they’re already wayyy established. Oh well.

What are some authors on your list that I should check out? Leave your link or comments below!


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  1. I don’t recognize any of the names on your list, but if you’re someone who ventures into science fiction and horror… My TTT has a few that might work for you.

  2. I had a difficult time with this list, too. I had to mix debuts and sophmore novels to make it reach, and include a few books I just really, really want to read. 😉

  3. This was a tough prompt this week 🙂

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Oh, it definitely was! 🙂

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