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All about music and books, is the topic for this week!

Top Ten Songs I Wish Were Books

There are so many great songs that could be turned into books. That would just be amazing!

So here is my list:
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Break Up In A Small Town by Sam Hunt

          Numerous romance novels are about love in a small town. But what happens when the couple breaks up? How does the guy deal? How does the girl deal? How do they act when they see each other? In the song, Sam describes the break up from the guy’s point of view: his friends would keep it low key because they don’t know how he would react, they keep their lives in parallel because they live so close, she gets down with someone he knows because it is a small town.

Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammar

        In most instances, you always read about the guy cheating. It’s the guy who was wrong, it’s the guy who was weak and succumbed to temptation. You hardly read about a guy who says no to the woman. It would be refreshing to read a romance about a guy who acknowledges what he has waiting at home for him.

Shadows by Lindsey Stirling

       Now, I am terrible when it comes to deciphering music without lyrics, but I would love to see what kind of story would unfold from this song. It sounds beautiful, and longing, yet uplifting. How does she feel? Is it remorse, or is it happiness? What was the cause? No matter which way the story fell, I would read it.

Life Starts Now by Three Days Grace

       Ah, the power of the lyrics.  Why did life start now? Who is it depicting? You will survive it because your life starts right now. It’s like you get a clean slate; all your past is wiped out. A chance to move on, but why?

Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean

      Describe this dirt road and why it’s amazing. I have been on dirt roads and I know. The way the twist and turn, the way life slows down, the way you can reminisce about the past. Ah. Life is much more simple.

Ok. So really, I was only about to come up with five. But I think, those five would be outstanding books. Especially the first one!

What are some songs you would love to turn into a book?


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  1. Yes to Break Up in a Small Town! That would be such a good book.

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