Top Ten Tuesday {42}

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Top Ten Books I Picked Up Solely Based on the Cover

I am a cover whore. I admit it. Sometimes, I will pick up books just because the cover looks pretty.

And if I’m being totally honest, that’s how I got in so much trouble with NetGalley in the beginning. See? Total cover whore.

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Onto the list:

1. You Smiled by S. Jane Scheyder. I picked it up because of the heart on the coffee cup. For real. No other reason.
2. Secrets by Jude Deveraux. This was actually the first book of hers I read, if I remember correctly. I picked it up because of the fog crowding the houses on the street. I wondered why there was only one house with lights on.
3. Love at Second Sight by Kristina Woodall. I hardly noticed the two people in the background. The title caught my eye, but also the lights and how the sign is reflected in the rain.

4. On an Edge of Glass by Autumn Doughton. This one was interesting because because of the people in the background, but also the colors that swirled around them.
5. So Say the Waiters by Justin Sirois. I thought kidnApp was going to be like a practical joke. Also, I took the word ‘waiters’ as to mean a restaurant type thing. Oh boy was I wrong.
6. Anything by Rachel Opbroek. Gummy bears!

7. Burn Girl by Mandy Mikulenak. The font on the title said it all to me. I had to have it. Unfortunately, it is a NetGalley book that I have not read yet…
8. When I Lost You by Kelly Rimmer. I read a different book of Kelly’s, so when I saw the purple hues on this cover, I clicked Request on NetGalley.

What are some books you picked up because of the cover?
Share with me, please!


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    These covers are definitely eye catching!

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