Top Ten Tuesday {50}

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Top Ten Facts About Me

Ten Facts About Me (bookish or just general about you facts or ten facts about you as a blogger…whatever you want).

Since I have done numerous posts about little facts about myself, this might be pretty difficult. However, I will try!

  • I am considering changing my major. I know, shocking right? Ok, well, maybe not changing it per-say. More like going back to college for a second degree once my English degree is completed.


  • I have dyed my hair blonde, twice. It’s been black numerous times, and red a couple times. I have not dyed my hair in about 4 years maybe? It has definitely been a while.


  • I wish I could pull off super short hair. It honestly does not look that good on me, but it is so damn hot in Vegas. I just want to chop it all off, then hide indoors until it grows back. Currently, my hair sits about halfway down my back.


  • It is a nasty habit of mine to peel my nails. I don’t bite them, I never have. But I will pick at them and peel them. But wait. I always have to have one or two nails that are longer than all the rest. It’s so weird. Right now, both of my pinkies have long nails. None of my other nails are long. Sometimes it’s my ring finger on both hands, or my middle finger. I love long nails, I just wish I didn’t pick at them. I do it mostly when I’m super super bored, or really really stressed. Oh, but when they’re painted, forget about it! I actually leave them alone. However, they are hardly ever painted.


  • I have had braces twice. The second time was because the orthodontist did not leave them on long enough the first time, so my teeth shifted back. I also had an under-bite. It’s where your bottom teeth are in front of your top teeth when you close your mouth. In light of this, I have a permanent retainer that is a small piece of silver something that is cemented across my bottom six teeth.


  • I had my first kiss when I was 12 years old. His name was Chance, and I met him through a friend I used to go to church with. I kissed him and then he broke up with me the next day. Yayyy. What a wonderful kiss. Thankfully, it did not scar me. However, my next kiss didn’t occur until a year later.


  • If I remember correctly, my first crush was in preschool. His name is Mitchell and he lived across the street from me with his twin brother, Marshall. Yep, twins. I could totally tell them apart too!


  • Right now, I have so many books I need to read, between tours, author requests, and books I’ve requested from publishers. This is not including NetGalley. We won’t even talk about NetGalley.


  • Summer is not my favorite season. I despise it. Only because it is so freaking hot. But I love flip flops.


  • I honestly wish I read faster. I’m not like a slow, slow reader. I’ve said before it takes me about a week to finish a book. I just wish I could read 2 books in 1 week. That would be so helpful!

What are some facts about you?




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  1. This is not including NetGalley. We won’t even talk about NetGalley. <– This cracked me up. It is way too easy to go nuts with Netgalley. I went on a requesting spree one night because I figured I’d actually only get approved for half of them, and even then, the approvals would trickle in.

    …they all got approved within the day. cries just remembering

    This is not including NetGalley. We won’t even talk about NetGalley.

    1. That second past was not supposed to be that line again. swats WordPress Was supposed to be a link to My TTT.

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