Top Ten Tuesday {56}

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Top Ten Books Required for Contemporary Erotica

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As you all should know by now… I am a huge fan of contemporary erotica. It’s tasteful, and not like the porn you can watch on the Internet. The erotica I read actually has a storyline behind the sex scenes. The sex is not the main idea (in most cases – there are exceptions) of the book. That is contemporary erotia. And I’m not ashamed to say I love it. 😛

Mmm. I love me some bad boys 😉

What books are on your list this week?



State of the ARC

State of the ARC


  1. Way to make the topic work for you! This is the first erotica list I’ve seen today. I haven’t read any of them, so I need to check them out.

    Check out my TTT list of Collegiate Fiction. 🙂

  2. Random Reads says:

    You sure do love some bad boys 🙃 Great list 🙂

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