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Never Stop Falling

Never Stop Falling

by Ashley Drew

Publication date: March 1st 2016

Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Rate: 4.5/5



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She didn’t expect to fall for her best friend.
He was always waiting to catch her.

Corinne Bennett lives in the moment. Whether she’s skydiving out of an airplane, or setting off on the road to anywhere, she’s ready to dive into the next adventure. That is, if best friend and always-by-the-book Nicholas Kelley doesn’t put his foot down on her wild stunts first.

When Corinne gives in to her growing feelings for Nicholas the summer before their freshman year of college, she takes the ultimate risk, making this one adventure he has longed to explore with her.

But the moment they take that irrevocable leap, a shocking revelation blindsides Corinne, exposing her vulnerabilities, baring her fears, and shattering her beliefs about love. With their future—and most importantly, their friendship—now clouded in doubt, she must decide if love is really worth the risk.

Because when it comes to love, you never stop falling.


What an amazing debut novel by Ashley Drew!

This was such a down to earth, cute story about two friends who become lovers. I fell in love with Cori, a strong woman. Life throw its ups and downs, its curveballs, and its shine for when everything falls into place. Nick is such a sweet guy, holding a candle for Cori.

I felt like I could relate to both characters. They were extremely well developed, and my heart broke for both of them at separate points in the book. However, with their witty banter, and the undeniable attraction and love for each other, I kept turning the pages, dying to find out what happened next.

I loved every moment of the book, with one exception: Cooper. From the start, I didn’t like him. I had no idea why, until Cori said something about him being too busy to call her. Like come on. I’ve been there. It is not that hard to send a two second text saying, “I love you, hope your trip is going well.” For real. In the end, I did sympathize with him because of… [spoiler not included]. Haha.

Everything flowed so smoothly, and I had to remind myself that Never Stop Falling is a debut novel. I thought I was reading from someone who had put out a couple books already. Like that’s how good it was. Don’t believe me? Go get a copy and let me know!

Anyway, I cannot wait to see what else Ashley has in store for us! A job well done! 😀



Ashley_ A San Francisco Bay Area native, Ashley Drew currently lives in Los Angeles. When she’s not going cross-eyed after writing for five hours straight, or burying her nose in a book, you’ll find her sprawled on her couch watching General Hospital, having alien conspiracy discussions with her husband over a bottle of bubbly, and dancing to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album with her daughter.


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  1. Avatar Giselle says:

    Great review! This sounds like a very well written novel and very character driven too which is awesome! Glad you liked it! 🙂

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Thank you! I really enjoyed it! 😀

  2. Avatar Ashley Drew says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful review! And thank you for hosting me today!

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Aww, you’re welcome! I’m happy to do it anytime. I could hardly put the book down; I loved it so much!

  3. I was feeling the same about Cooper, but then I realized when this book takes place, and suddenly it wasn’t as weird. Because as much as texts and everything else is ubiquitous now, it wasn’t so much then.

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Oh, yeah, definitely. I had a feeling based on the prologue, but I was genuinely surprised when it happened. It snuck up on me! But that’s true, I guess I didn’t put two and two together about the time and texting.

      1. a lot of things made a lot more sense to me once I realized the date, which was super shocking to me, because I did not see it coming. Like, the year they communicate through emails and messages, I don’t think it would happen nowadays, because the communication access is just so much bigger.

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