TV Series I Need To Finish

Who else has a problem with starting TV shows, getting halfway through, and then moving on to something else? Or do you binge watch, like I do with some shows?

How’s that for a contradiction?! It’s about 50/50 for me. Ugh!


^^^^ Check one.

This is the main reason why I cannot read a book series unless all the books have come out! Or I torture myself until the next book comes out. Then quickly re-read the first book so I know what’s going on. Ahh! Well, that statement is loaded too, just hang on for this contradictory ride and I’ll explain.

Ok. For real. I have this problem. Well, not all of it is my fault.

Don’t roll your eyes at me! I swear! My list will come after this little rant… Just stick around, it’s comical.

I love TV shows and I love catching up on TV shows. So I will watch series like nobody’s business. On my own. When I’m with other people though, therein lies the problem. Real life talk: my in-laws are stuck on certain shows like “Bones”, “Covert Affairs”, “Suits” or something completely random. Boyfriend changes his mind so often it’s hard to keep track. Me: “Covert Affairs”, “Suits”, “Bones”, “SVU”, “CSI: Miami”, “OITNB”, “Wayward Pines”. Me: Like let’s continuously watch shows until they’re over. Then we’ll move on. Come on guys, pretty please? Stop starting new shows!!! Etc. See, the list goes on and on. So instead of sitting at a dinner table to eat dinner, they love to eat in front of the TV. We compromise and eat dinner watching TV. Then comes the complication of TV shows. It’s never-ending! Let’s break the cycle!

For me. I love watching one TV show on Netflix, and one (or two — depending on season) on Hulu (new episode every week). Everyone else: let’s watch dozens of shows at the same time! Nope. I can’t even read more than one book at a time. How do you expect me to keep track of everything that happens in each show and actually remember it?!

Which brings me to my list. In no particular order:

Law and Order: SVU (currently in 16th season on Netflix) (17 seasons total)
Switched at Birth
Covert Affairs
Orange Is The New Black
Pretty Little Liars
Criminal Minds
Wayward Pines
CSI: Miami
New Girl
The Following
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (before vampires were cool 😛 )

My list could/can go on and on and on and on. You get the picture.

Now, does anyone else have a problem like mine? Please tell me I’m not alone! I’ll buy you a cookie! 😉

What TV Shows are you currently watching? I love adding new shows to my list!

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  1. Avatar jayashri97 says:

    Even I m Having the problem….
    I m currently watching Vampire Diaries, Teen wolf, Big bang theory, Pretty little liars, Supernatural, THE Originals, etc….

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      I need to add Big Bang Theory to my list! I’ve seen a couple of seasons, but nothing current.

  2. Okay, so I have to admit, I’m kind of addicted to Netflix. I just finished watching Roseanne (I got kind of disappointed because they only put one season on Netflix!) and I’m currently watching (don’t laugh) The Munsters. I tried watching Pretty Little Liars, but like two shows in, I got bored with it. I really liked Gossip Girl and thought it would be similar, but I found that it wasn’t.

    I watched all of Friends before it came out on Netflix, but I LOVE Friends! It’s my favorite show of all time. Anyway, I’ve also watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix and Heartland (which I still watch! 🙂 ). I used to watch Switched at Birth but suddenly it just stopped being interesting and up until recently I also really liked The Fosters (but it started to be the same thing over and over again).

    I know I’ve watched a lot of other stuff on Netflix, but can’t think of it right now. Oh, I LOVE Haven, but it’s a show that you have to pay really close attention to.

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      I know! I love Netflix! I love PLL and gossip Girl. Both shows have twisted endings. Except PLL is my over yet. Btw, Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows! I’ve seen all seasons numerous times! I have seen all of Friends, but that’s on my list too. So many shows!

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