Update From Montana

Hey everyone! Right now, I am in Montana! It is such a beautiful state, it does make me miss living here. Well, right now it is raining, but it was sunny on the drive up. Damn. It was a long drive too, over 18 hours! But sooooo beautiful as soon as we hit the Idaho/Montana border.

Anyway, this will be my life update for the next couple days. I won’t be posting much for the next week or so because my boyfriend and I are moving his parents down to Vegas to live with us. I have been having terrible cell phone service, due to Sprint roaming. Yes, we changed cell phone providers within the past two weeks, and now I’m roaming. I have not been roaming in like, 8 years. Wow, it definitely sucks!

However. The scenery in Montana is gorgeous so I can live with the crappy service, as long as I can take pictures. <3

image image

On the drive up here, we took a little detour and visited Whitehall, Montana, where my boyfriend grew up. It was so amazing to see where he lived and where he got into all sorts of trouble. Here is a picture of his childhood home. It is a different color now, but it was still cool to see.


He took me around to the spots where he rode his bicycle down hills, showed me where the Mayor’s house was (huge, amazing house), and showed me the back roads, which turned into this National Forest. Which we took on the way to Bolder before heading back to the freeway.

image image


Finally, after a long trip, we arrived at our destination. So the rest of the day will be packing and loading the Uhaul, and then we will start our journey back to Vegas.

Hope you guys are having a great Memorial Day weekend! Between all the drinking, BBQ-ing, make sure you stop and say a little prayer thanking all the military members who have served our great country. Or stop and thank a Veteran. Have a great day!

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