Vintage Mirror – Creative Writing Prompt

Vintage Mirror – Creative Writing Prompt

Alright, guys. So I’m thinking it’s time to start creative writing prompts. Definitely, not every day; just every so often, couple times a week, maybe. This is raw and was actually a little difficult for me to do. I have not written anything other than FB posts and text messages for a long time. Let me know if you think it’s any good, or if things could be fixed. I sure do need to get back into the writing groove. Here’s the first prompt to get me started.

Write a story about a letter found taped to an old mirror.

She had begun packing up her grandmother’s belongings on the gloomiest day of the year. It was gloomy for more than a couple reasons; it was a full on storm: thunder, lightning, pouring rain. The storm itself would not have been so bad if she didn’t have to bury her only living relative earlier that day. She felt tucked away from the world the day the hospital called, and now it seemed like it was never going to get better. Without her grandmother, she was utterly alone.

A week ago, the Realtor had called Chloe back in hopes to sell the house quickly. The Realtor already had a few bids on the house, as it was a Victorian-style house built in the late 1950’s, which made it even more desirable. It had been updated in recent years, but the foundation stayed intact.

So there Chloe was, packing up what was left of her grandmother. There were a couple of boxes she wanted to keep for herself, even though most of it was being donated to her grandmother’s favorite charity. She had been keeping her eye on the vintage mirror her grandmother always hung in the hallway that led to the enormous library. The thousands of volumes in the library were being donated to the local library except for the few that were written in the will. Chloe held those close, as they were her absolute favorites. She glanced at the grandfather clock next to her; it read 2:10. The charity movers were going to be there soon and she needed to make sure they got everything.

One last trip was made to her car, and at the last second, decided she did want to take the mirror with her. She pulled it down from the wall, started to walk away, and noticed a pale envelope taped to the back. She moved to tear it off and noticed her grandmother’s handwriting on the front.

Curiously, she opened it, and a single tear rolled down her cheek as started reading.

My Darling Daughter,

Today is your wedding day; the happiest day of your life. I only wish your father could be here to see how beautiful you are. He isn’t because of a mistake I made twenty-five years ago when you were just a baby. I am so sorry, darling. It was never meant to turn out this way. I’m telling you this in hopes that one day you’ll forgive me. Once you hold that little bundle of joy in your arms, you’ll know why I did what I did. I love you more than anything in this world and I could not put you through the things I have been through. He had to disappear. You always deserved a good man in your life, and I know Daniel will be the man you need. I know he won’t replace your father, and he shouldn’t. I do hope he’ll be a good father to Chloe, and I also hope you will be the mother I never was. With this, I must tell you that I killed him. This is a secret I will keep until the day I die. I truly hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. It never in my heart to hurt your father, even when he was the ugliest person alive. Now, you know I was never married, but he was my boyfriend for many, many years. The first part of those years wasn’t so ugly. Then he started drinking and he became someone else. Someone else who took advantage of me and the way I was raised was to not tell anyone and keep on living my life. I had you and raised you. Every time I looked at you, I could see him. I could never hurt you because you were so precious. I pushed past that, and you quickly became my world. When you were just a couple months old, he came back. He tried to force his way into my mama’s house, and that’s when I knew we were in danger. He had been in the news a lot back then, but I never thought he’d come for us. I took my daddy’s revolver and put a couple shots through the door. I never heard any noise, I never heard him pound on the door, I never heard him yell out. The next day, my daddy replaced the door; never asked questions, never judged. He knew.

I’m so sorry, my precious child. I’ve lived with this guilt for over twenty years and will continue to live with it until Jesus calls me home. Please forgive me. Always remember, I love you with all of my heart. To the stars and beyond.

Your mama

Chloe stared at the letter in disbelief. The more she stared and the more she reread it, the more the pieces came together. All of those years, all those questions left unanswered, she had never known; questions her parents probably never knew. Her mother died due to a complication during childbirth, and her father in a car accident a few weeks later. Her grandmother raised her; had kept all the family’s possessions, including the vintage mirror – given as a wedding present – that had been in the family for five generations.

Slowly, she stood up and took one last look around the huge house. She clutched the letter to her chest and started toward her car. Chloe left the mirror behind in a house full of secrets.

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoyed Vintage Mirror – Creative Writing Prompt.


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    That was amazing. You are so talented.

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