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Hi everyone! Sorry, it has been an extremely long and busy week. We moved my boyfriend’s parents from Montana to Vegas to live with us when we get our house. The drive was so long, there and back. It is about 18 hours one way, and we drove up there one day, stayed a day, then drove back the next day. Anyway, in between all the busyness, I finally finished this book. I had stated in my reading list that this one was going to be a hit or miss…


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It. Was. A. Mess. Miss.

Alright. So this book did have a happily ever after, but not before wanting to shake the characters into their senses. Ashely, the main character, starts by going to a yoga class, where her instructor Ray, is going through a hard time. She had just been dumped a guy she had been dating because he found someone else. She told Ray of the tale, and in turn, Ray sympathized with her and shared his troubles that a new owner was buying his studio and wanted him gone. He loved his clients and loved the space, so he was on the hunt for a new studio while still being in the same area so he wouldn’t lose his clients.

So needless to say, they are both down in the dumps. Well, Ray talks her into going to this new-age life workshop, where you can learn about how to make your dreams come true. By thinking positive thoughts, and letting all the negative energy out. Ashley declines, and after much pushing, she finally agrees to go. She goes and thinks it is the silliest thing every. She’s not a believer. Ray, however, is enthused with this workshop and over-the-moon happy about finding his new studio.

All of a sudden, Ashley is planning a wedding because Ray and this workshop guy told her to. If she wants to find love, she has to act like she is in love and start planning her dream wedding. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t have a groom because if she repeats to herself everyday, ‘I deserve love’, then a groom will come.

The wedding planning goes further and further, her extremely rude friends are freaking out because no one has met or seen the groom, Ashley won’t tell people there is no groom (the only person that knows is Ray). Everyone gets so upset and Ashley feels like cancelling the whole thing, which of course, would make them even more angry because she lied. So Ray talks Ashley into keeping the wedding.

A certain someone from her past hears about the wedding and decides it must be stopped. Annnnnnd. I need to stop myself before I ruin it!

Overall, this was an okay book. It is not something I would enjoy reading again, even if it did have a happily ever after. There were just parts in the book that made me go Whhhhhaaaaatttttt. Like Ray, he is overzealous and it seems like it he cares, and he does, he is just wayyyy to pushy for my taste. Also, forgetting the “groom’s” name after he helped make him up in the first place? And I mean, come on, it’s not like by repeating words over and over again will make something come true. You either have to have faith it will, or you have to take the steps to make it happen. Ashley did go on ONE speed-date to try and find her groom, and found a suitable guy. But as you continue reading, it’s like woah. He is definitely not the guy. Aldon sends her texts saying I miss you, where are you? AFTER ONE FREAKING DATE! Then It was Oh, I miss you, I love you. Where are you? STILL ONLY AFTER ONE DATE. There was definitely something wrong with that guy, and I’m glad he went buh-bye. Anyway…

The story line would have been sooooo much better, if there were different characters playing the parts. Planning a wedding with no groom, could be fun. But the way the author wrote about it, made me think twice on what she was doing. I definitely understand why it has gotten many bad reviews. There were also many proof-reading errors, something as simple as a comma where no comma should be. Being an English major, I definitely picked up on that. 😛

Do not buy this book. Even though it was free. I definitely do not recommend it.


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