Words of Wisdom – Creative Writing Prompt

Words of Wisdom – Creative Writing Prompt.

Hey hey hey! I’ve been taking a creative writing class, and it is actually my last week. However, one of the assignments was to find a prompt in a certain section of the text book for one of the weeks and write a poem from this prompt. So… I did. I don’t think it is my best work, but at least I wrote something.


Write a poem in the form of a letter

Words of Wisdom – Creative Writing Prompt

Dear young girl:

                    Open your eyes
Bright girl
You will see
Strength and dignity; your gear.

                                   Slow down,
Dance in the rain,
Smell the roses,
Life is a journey; embark.

                                               Open your eyes
Lovely girl,
Look into the mirror
See those turquoise eyes; alive.

                                                          Trust in yourself,
Believe in yourself; always

Growing up blows full steam ahead.


What did you guys think of this: Words of Wisdom – Creative Writing Prompt? I thought it was pretty fun to write. It was one of those things where I wasn’t sure where this whole thing was going. I do like the outcome, although, I do wish I could have done it better. There were certain restrictions to this creative writing prompt, so it was shorter than I’d like. Who knows, maybe someday I can turn it into something better?


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