WWW Wednesday {47}

To join, all you have to do is answer these three questions:

1. What have you finished reading?
2. What are you currently reading?
3. What will you read next?

Finished Reading:

Grah. I wasn’t able to finish anything this week. I was busy working and finishing up my Ethics class. Thank goodness that is over with! Now, I’m onto a two week break… Where hopefully, I will get a ton of reading done? Maybe? I hope so. Wish me luck!

Currently Reading:

Happy Ever After in Christmas by Debbie Mason — About 10% done. Definitely won’t finish by the end of June.
The Woman in the Photo by Mary Hogan (whenever I get this one in the mail!)

Reading Next:

In His Corner by Vina Arno
Better in the Morning by Fern Ronay

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What’s on your list this week?



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  1. Avatar Random Reads says:

    Looks like you’ll have some good books to read 🙂

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